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Pets Inc Vancouver Cat Sitting & In Home Animal Nursing
Pets Inc Vancouver Cat Sitting & In Home Animal Nursing
Pets Inc Vancouver Cat Sitting & In Home Animal Nursing

Pets Inc

Pets Inc is a Vancouver based pet sitting and animal nursing service provided by Deb, who is a veterinary technician and animal lover with more than 15 years experience caring for pets in veterinary clinics and animal shelters.

Deb first had the idea for Pets Inc when she had reason to leave the city for an emergency and was unable to find a reliable sitter to care for her special needs animals. As a professionally educated Veterinary technician  she has experience with cat sitting, dog sitting, boarding, dog walking and daycare. This expertise allows her to provide a level of comfort for owners when they need to be away from their pets. Should your pet become ill or an emergency arise, she will know what to look for and how to handle the situation. We are professional, licensed, insured and bonded. Pets Inc provides a wide range of services that can be customized. Whether your dog requires some attention during long work days or you are traveling and need loving home visits for your cat while you are gone.

If you find yourself in a situation where your pet is healing from an illness or surgery and you require a set of caring, experienced hands to help with doctor’s orders. Deb is more than happy to tailor her visits to your schedule and your pet’s individual needs. Able to administer all prescribed treatments and medications in the home.

Deb can also help alleviate otherwise stressful “nursing” type vet visits such as subcutaneous fluids, insulin injections, nail trims and anal gland expressions. Deb has a soft spot for the behaviourally challenged pet and enjoys working with them. Reactive dogs and spicy kitties are generally her favorites! She’s passionate about low stress handling and practices only positive reinforcement training (no aversive tools like shock or pinch collars). She is constantly working to further her knowledge of behaviour and to this end most recently attended 2018 Science Behaviour Symposium

Vancouver Dog, Cat Care & In Home Animal Nursing Professional

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