Professional Vancouver Pet Sitting Service Offering Cat Sitting, Dog Sitting & In Home Animal Nursing

Services Provided by a Veterinary Technician With More Than 15 yrs Experience

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Whether your pet is recuperating from a surgery or being supported through an illness,
sometimes you need an extra set of experienced, caring hands.
Deb has been providing compassionate, veterinary nursing care for over a decade and is more than happy to assist you & your pet.

In Home Nursing visits start at $35/visit.


During our visit we provide your cat or dog with fresh food &water. Pee breaks or litter scooping, along with snuggles and playtime.  

Depending on requirements, medications can be administered. 

Daily electronic reports are provided with photos each visit through our professional pet sitting software.

Cat Sitting & Dog Sitting Drop-Ins start at $30 – Visit / 30 min.


Pets are happiest sleeping in their own beds. They can eat out of their own bowls & keep to their regular schedule.

In home cat sitting & dog sitting overnight stays begin at $75- Stay.


Providing private dog walks within your neighbourhood.

Dog Walking starts at $30 – Walk / 30 min.

à la carte​

Pets Inc Vancouver Cat Sitting & In Home Animal Nursing

House Checks


Inspect perimeter of the building, ensuring doors and windows are locked. Check for signs of water leaks/damage, take in newspapers and mail, water indoor/outdoor plants. Alternate lights and blinds, turn radio/TV on or off for an occupied appearance.
All house visits will receive a report card via email.

Pets Inc Vancouver Cat Sitting & In Home Animal Nursing

Litter Scooping


Regular visits available for litter box cleaning only.
Pregnant or have back pain and can’t lift heavy items?
Simply have better things to do with your time than clean the litter box?
We come to your home and maintain the litter box(es) for you​.

Pets Inc Vancouver Cat Sitting & In Home Animal Nursing

Plant Care

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Going away and worried about your expensive, high maintenance plants? With a passion for and understanding of tropical plants, we are able to offer specialized care for plant parents who don’t want to worry while they’re gone for extended periods of time. Contact us for customized packages, depending on your specific needs.

Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

When you hire a professional sitter, you get more than just the basics of feeding and cleaning the litter box. You hire someone who has the knowledge and experience to understand your pet and their subtle behaviour cues.They also have the skills to help your animal feel more safe and relaxed in your home when you are away. We know letting someone into your home while you’re away requires a great amount of trust, that`s why we are licensed, bonded and insured. As professional pet sitters, we carry insurance policies to cover problems in the rare case that something may happen to your home, property or pet while you are away.

Pets Inc Vancouver Cat Sitting & In Home Animal Nursing

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Vancouver Professional Pet Sitting

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In Home Animal Nursing

Cats and Dogs Pets Inc Vancouver

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